Top 10 Things to Do in Alexandria, VA

Looking for fun in Alexandria, VA? Here are 10 fun things to do while you’re in Alexandria!

1. Explore Gadsby’s Tavern Museum

In 1785, the Gadsby Tavern opened, followed by the City Tavern and Hotel in 1792. Now a museum with daily visits to learn about life in colonial times, this two-building complex is a living history museum.

George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, and the Marquis de Lafayette were among the renowned patrons of the bar.

2. Visit The Tiny Spite House.

Spite House, at only seven feet wide, is a must-see for Instagrammers and photographers since it is America’s smallest historic house. Spite House, private property at 523 Queen Street, was erected out of spite in 1830 to keep loiterers out of John Hollensbury’s nearby alley.

Check out additional popular Instagram destinations and explore Old Town’s beautiful red brick pathways for more photo-worthy rowhouses from centuries ago.

3. Stroll the King Street Mile

Strolling King Street is the #1 thing to do in Alexandria during the holidays, thanks to its centuries-old architecture, brick-lined walkways, cobblestone alleyways, quality plumbing in Alexandria, and a canopy of glittering lights. Take a ride on the free King Street Trolley to discover hundreds of privately owned eateries and businesses.

4. Sightsee At Mount Vernon

Not just for its historical significance, but also for its gorgeous gardens and vista, this is a must-see in Alexandria. George Washington’s family-owned Mt. Vernon for decades, and it was his home.

The tour might begin at the main house, which has been restored to its original colonial appearance. Many original things, such as furniture, presents, and even President George Washington’s deathbed, may still be seen.

5. Mesmerize Art At A Former Torpedo Factory

The Torpedo Factory Art Center, which is housed in a former World War II torpedo factory, is the biggest collection of functioning artist studios in the United States that are open to the public. There are 82 artists’ studios, seven galleries, two workshops, and the Alexandria Archaeology Museum.

Special events like late-night activities and the launch of new exhibits may be found on the Torpedo Factory calendar.

6. Take A Sightseeing Cruise

Alexandria is the starting point for sightseeing cruises and water taxis, boarding at the lively harbor in Old Town. It is a historic port city and a center for City Cruises headed by Hornblower with street performers and outdoor cafes. Take the water taxi into Washington, D.C., and see national sites on the guided Monuments Tour.

Mount Vernon and National Harbor, both owned by George Washington Alternatively, take a ride on the tall ship Providence to experience life on a sloop in the 18th century.

7. Eat At Historic Eateries

With numerous Old Town restaurants built in centuries-old historic buildings, you may enjoy independent and chef-driven eateries in an amazing historical setting. Pick up a table at Virtue Feed & Grain’s laid-back patio, which is housed in an 1800s feed building only feet from the lake.

8. Explore Over 100 Unique Boutiques

In the D.C. Shop Small destination, you’ll find one-of-a-kind items. region. In a mile-long pedestrian area surrounding King Street, Old Town Alexandria is home to over 100 locally owned stores. From designer shoes to fine vintage cocktail ware to home decor, you’ll find it all here.

9. Survive A Live Escape Room

If want to do something fun, why not visit an Alexandria escape room? At Escape Room Live, you’ll find a wide range of escape rooms, each with its theme! The Wizard’s Apothecary is a 45-minute game with a difficulty rating of 6/10! It may be played at any time of day.

10. Embark On A Ghost Tour

A ghost tour is a fun and creepy way to spend your time in Alexandria. A nocturnal ghost tour guided by a Colonial-costumed guide who guides you around six streets of Old Town Alexandria by lantern light is available through Alexandria Colonial Tours.

Ghost stories, mysteries, traditions, folklore, and historical nuggets from Alexandria’s past will be shared with you. The trip is one hour long and costs $15 per participant.

Have fun!

And those are 10 things that you can do in Alexandria, VA. Now go and embark on an adventure and take home some memories!